23 Dec Kyphoscoliosis

Mr Lee is a patient with severe kyphoscoliosis (deformity of the spine). Due to advanced cataract, he suffered from poor vision; despite having sought eye treatments elsewhere. Within a week after consulting Dr Peter Chong, Mr Lee underwent a successful cataract surgery on his left eye. Now he is able to see well and return to his normal routine.

李先生是一位有严重脊椎侧弯的病患(畸形脊椎),同时他也患有非常严重的白内障,尽管已四处寻求眼部治疗,但视力依旧不佳。李先生在咨询Dr Peter Chong 后的一星期内,便进行了左眼的白内障手术,而且手术非常成功。如今,他已恢复清晰明亮的视力,并且重返日常作息。