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If you are wondering where to find the best ophthalmologist (eye specialist) in Malaysia, you must visit our eye specialist centre. Our doctors are the renowned in the field, ensuring that your eyes receive the best treatment. Our highly qualified specialists, have many years of experience in treating several kinds of eye diseases. They are also members of prestigious medical associations and societies, showcasing their continuous interest in getting updated with latest news in medical technological advancement. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum non sapien a leo blandit consectetur. Nulla a metus sodales, ornare velit vel, bibendum enim.

MBBS (Queensland), M.S Ophthalmology (UK), FRCS (IRELAND), FRCOphth (HK), FHKAM (HK), AM (Mal)

MBBS (UM), M.S Ophthalmology (UM), AM (Mal)

MBBS (Queensland, Australia), M.S Ophthalmology (UKM), ICO

MBBS (Ireland), M.S Ophthalmology (UM), AM (Mal)

MBBS (UM), M.S Ophthalmology (UM), AM (Mal)

MBBS (UNIMAS), M.S Ophthalmology (UM), FRCOphth (UK)

MBChB (NZ), MMed (Ophth), CCFT (Mal), Fellowship in Glaucoma (Singapore)