Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS)

What is MIGS?

It serves as a treatment option in additional to glaucoma eye drops, laser therapy or traditional glaucoma surgery. In MIGS – a tiny device is inserted into the eye through small incision to improve drainage of fluid from the eye. The types of MIGS devices available are the: iStent Inject and Xen Gel Stent.


  • Shorter surgical time
  • It is a safe procedure
  • Less eye discomfort
  • Possibility to reduce the number of glaucoma eye drops/burden.
  • After MIGS, Standard glaucoma surgery can still be performed in future if indicated.
  • MIGS can be done as stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with cataract surgery.

Who is suitable for this?

  • Early to moderate glaucoma
  • Intolerance to glaucoma eye drops
  • Difficulty to comply to number of eyedrops and instillation frequency
  • Patients whom do not want to go for surgical intervention
  • Patient whom are not a suitable candidate for standard glaucoma surgeries (high risk)

Other Info:

  • It is performed as daycare under local anaesthesia and allowed to go home after the procedure.
  • There might be slightly blurry of vision in operated eye for 1 to 2 weeks.
  • It is safe to travel in flight after procedure.
  • Just like other eye surgeries, regular postopearative review is required to ensure proper recovery.

MIGS_The iStent Inject

  • Made of titanium, 1/3mm in length & diameter
  • It is one of the smallest medical devices to be implanted in humans

MIGS_The XenGet Stent

  • Gel stent is 6mm in length
  • When hydrated, it becomes very soft, compressible and tissue conforming

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