Glaucoma Tube Shunt Implant

What is Glaucoma Tube Shunt Implant?

A type of glaucoma surgery that uses a flexible glaucoma drainage device (GDD) that is implanted into the eye. A GDD is made up of a soft flexible tube attached to a draining plate. There are 3 types of Glaucoma Drainage Device (GDD): Ahmed Valve Implant, Baerveldt Tube Implant and Molteno Tube ImplantThe plate is positioned on outside of the eye under the conjunctiva, behind the eyelid, and the tube is inserted into the front chamber of the eye. The device drains the fluid out from the eye.


  • An effective surgical option to treat complex and refractory glaucoma. It is a standard glaucoma surgery and is recognised as a GOOD and EFFECTIVE surgical intervention to lower the intraocular pressure (IOP).
  • Possible to reduce number of eye drops

Who is suitable for this?

  • Complex glaucoma e.g neovascular glaucoma due to diabetes, trauma or uveitic glaucoma and etc.
  • Previous trabeculetomy with scarring
  • History of other eye surgeries (e.g ptergyium excision, ECCE)
  • Cannot tolerate or unable to comply to glaucoma medication
  • Can be performed as primary surgery to achieve IOP lowering

Other Info:

  • It is performed as daycare under local anaesthesia and allowed to go home after the procedure.
  • Postoperative Day 1 review and follow up thereafter.
  • There might be slightly blurry of vision in operated eye for 1 to 2 weeks.
  • It is safe to travel in flight after procedure.

Glaucoma Implant Surgery


Glaucoma Tube Shunt Implant

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