TOPVISION EYE SPECIALIST CENTRE is subject to the personal data protection principles under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 with effect from 15 November 2013, which regulates the processing of personal data in commercial transactions.

This Personal Data Notice applies to any person whose personal data is being processed by TOPVISION EYE SPECIALIST CENTRE. Your personal data is collected from various sources, including information you have provided us information from third parties and information in the public domain. It is obligatory that you supply us with your personal data. If you fail to supply us with such personal data, we may not be able to process and/or disclose your data for the purposes as provided below.

A) Purposes of the Personal Data
Your personal data may be processed for the following purposes, where relevant:-

  • For medical and healthcare services
  • To share the personal data within TOPVISION EYE SPECIALIST CENTRE
  • To facilitate the patients personal needs (i.e. taxi/Grab)
  • To establish and manage medical records and medical reports
  • To facilitate payment process relating to patients
  • To institute debt recovery proceedings against defaulters
  • To report the personal data to the relevant authorities and/or third parties under the governing laws relevant to the healthcare industry
  • To conduct research, analysis and improvement
  • To market and advertise products and services
  • To administer and respond to request, queries, complaints and legal issues
  • To facilitate human resource management activities relating to employees
  • For submission and registration of relevant forms, licenses to the relevant authorities and/or third parties under the governing laws relevant to the healthcare industries
  • To share personal data for the purpose of banking facilities, signing of legal and accounting documents
  • For purpose of purchase of items, outsource of services, new development and others
  • For education and training
  • For any other purpose that is incidental or in furtherance to the above purposes

B) Personal Data Information
Your personal data processed by us may include: name, date of birth, identity card or passport number, name of employer/company, home and office address, telephone/handphone number, faximile number, email address, occupation, age, gender, marital status, weight, height, photos, race, nationality, religion, family and/or next of kin information, medical checkup result, medical record, medical report, registration  number, diagnosis, personal health information, criminal history, investigation result, insurance details and any other personal data required for the purposes set out in item C) below.

C) Disclose of the Personal Data
Your personal data may be disclosed to the following parties, where relevant:-

  • Healthcare professional (as defined in PDPA)
  • Government agencies, local authorities, non-government agencies
  • Paying and insurance agents
  • Debt collection authorities and agencies
  • Financial institutions
  • Legal firms
  • Auditors
  • Vendor/Contractor
  • Other private and public hospitals
  • Other Healthcare providers
  • Training providers
  • Family and next of kin
  • To such parties as may be required by law, court, regulator or legal process to disclose
  • Any other person which TOPVISION EYE SPECIALIST CENTRE may deem necessary.

D) Access and Update the Personal Data
You may access and request for correction of your personal data. You have the right to access your personal data. If you would like to request access to your personal data, please contact us. We recommend that your request for access to your personal data held by TOPVISION EYE SPECIALIST CENTRE be made in writing. We may also take steps to verify your identify before fulfilling your request for access to your personal data.

E) How to Contact Us
Please contact us by using any of the following modes if you have any queries or complaints in respect of your personal data:-

  • Via telephone at 03-3362 3343
  • Email us at
  • Write to us. Please address the letter to Unit 11-2 & 11-3, No 2, Jalan Setia Prima (S) U13/S Setia Alam, Seksyen U13, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.